Monday, July 15, 2013

Group Du Jour Discography

Group Du Jour: Live 1986 - 1993 Official Bootleg #1 (2014) digital-only
OVAL - (2009) CD and digital
Listening In... to the Past 25 Years - (2008) CD and digital
Terra Incognita - (2007) CD and digital
The Mystery Plays - (1992) CD, cassette and digital
Down to the Wire - (1990) CD, cassette and digital
Hinterland - (1989) cassette and digital
Waiting for the Sky to Fall - (1988) cassette, CD and digital
Wonderful Vision - (1987) vinyl, cassette and digital
Forgotten Colors - (1986) cassette and digital
The Perfect Triangle - (1985) cassette
Cave Art - (1984) cassette
Triple Entendre - (1983) cassette

Group Du Jour creates original music culled from the seeds of folk, ethnic/traditional forms, free jazz and rock – resulting in an invention best described as “Techno-Ethnic”, utilizing electric & acoustic guitars, vocals, flute, keyboards and African percussion. The band was founded by Daniel Crommie and Bo & Paul Parker in Portland, Oregon in 1983 as a contemporary pop/folk conglomerate until coalescing into a more experimental sound following their groundbreaking "Forgotten Colors" album in 1986. Gathering momentum the band released their LP “Wonderful Vision” and gained recognition in places such as England, Russia and Yugoslavia in a time when they opened for artists such as Richard Barone, Suzanne Vega and Obo Addy. 1990's "Down to the Wire" was voted as one of the year's best albums by Seattle's Rocket magazine. "The Mystery Plays" (1992) was an ambitious production with some of the bands best playing - but was largely ignored by the press as grunge pushed it's way into the pop marketplace. The New Weave artist compilation "Timecode" (1995) featured two more songs, "Mojo Sleeping" and "Stranger's in the House" as the band focused on individual projects in the mid-90's. As the new millennium approached a revitalized GDJ resumed playing live engagements and released “Terra Incognita” (2007), a varied assortment of new songs, adventurous improvisational instrumentals and a few remakes of earlier material. 2008 saw the release of “Listening In… to the Past 25 Years”, the first career-spanning compendium of the bands techno-ethnic pop work, with the companion album “Hinterland” representing their instrumental work in an expanded edition. The most recent studio album “Oval” was released in August of 2009.

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