Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Weave Compilations

... Of All Possible Worlds (1989) cassette - Featured Artists: Group Du Jour, Jamie Haggerty, Echo System, Tribal Machine, Daniel Crommie.

Octangle (1991) cassette - Featured Artists: Paul Ellis, Daniel Crommie, Dave Fulton, Jamie Haggerty, Group Du Jour, Tribal Machine, Foundation.

Timecode New Weave Artists (1995) CD - Featured Artists: Group Du Jour, Jeanne Mare Werle, Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Lew Jones, Daniel Crommie, Just Duet, Janie Mitchell, Jamie Haggerty, Dave Fulton.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Echo System Discography

Nightmares and Dreams cassette (1986)
Bad Medicine cassette (1987)
In A Strange World cassette (1987)
Radio Play cassette EP (1987)
Heat Lightning cassette (1990)
Songs 1986 - 1987 (2014) Digital-only compilation
Bad Medicine expanded edition (2015) Digital-only reissue

Daniel Crommie and Jamie Haggerty founded Echo System in 1986 as a collaborative entity, initially making ambient/electronic creations and later recording some original electro-pop with vocals. The roots of Echo System go back to 1980 when Daniel and Jamie founded progressive/traditional folk group "Continuum", later that year recording their duo album "Passion & Allegory". In 1986 Daniel was already making music within the experimental electro-pop realm as a founding member of Group Du Jour, while Jamie was helming Cour Des Miracles and performing Breton and French tunes. Reconvening in 1986 they quickly recorded "Nightmares and Dreams" direct to digital with no overdubs - an anomaly at the time. In the autumn of 1986 they recorded the "Bad Medicine" mini-album on a 4-track PortaStudio and mixed it to digital during the Christmas holiday. That same winter of 1986/1987 would find Jamie and Daniel busy composing and recording pieces for their follow-up "In A Strange World", resulting in a cluster of electro-pop gems that deviated from their ambient beginnings. A few live performances in 1987 resulting in several pieces they would later use on the 1990 album "Heat Lightning", which would be their last album together for many years. The next few years will see the digital reissue of much of their back catalogue.