Monday, July 15, 2013

Daniel Crommie Discography

Following the Noise EP (2016) with DC Sound Collective digital-only
Ghostwriter single (2016) with DC Sound Collective digital-only
Earthbound Facing Skyward (2016) digital-only
A Memory of Errors Volume 2 (2015) with DC Sound Collective digital-only
A Memory of Errors (2015) with DC Sound Collective CD/digital
Other Elements (2015) digital-only
Penumbra - Summer Solstice Sketches (2014) digital-only
Rarities 1976 - 2008 (2014) digital-only
A Silent Sea (2014) digital-only
Precious Time - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2014) digital-only
PsychedelicMedievalSpaceJazz (2014) digital-only
Rotation (2013) with DC Sound Collective CD/digital
Selective Amnesia Vol.2, The Early Years 1976 - 1984 (2013) digital-only
Selective Amnesia – The Best of 1984 - 2009 (2012) digital-only
Aquarius In Retrograde (2012) with Glyn Havard & Friends CD/digital
Blue Microdot Breakfast (2011) digital-only
Direct Current (2011) with DC Sound Collective digital-only
Solstice Sketches (2010) digital-only
Between the Darkness and the Dawn (2010) with Glyn Havard CD/digital
Life Rattle (2009) digital-only
The Last Thing I Remember (2006) CD/digital
Sargasso Manuscript (2005) CD/digital
Creatures of Habit (2003) CD/digital
When Wendy Was Walter (1999) CD/digital
The Feast of Saturnalia (1996) CD/digital
Out of My Head (1995) cassette EP 
Quiet Night (1994) CD/digital
Chrysanthemum (1993) cassette/digital
At the Waters Edge (1993) cassette/digital
Tidepool of the Sky (1992) cassette EP
Skybridge (1991) cassette/digital
Shadowgraph (1991) cassette/digital
Precious Time (1989) CD/digital
Animosity (1988) cassette/digital
Raised By Piranhas (1987) cassette/digital
Sun Construction (1985) with Cara Tomlinson cassette/digital
Info (1985) cassette
Attention to Details (1984) cassette
Miniatures (1983) cassette
Polarity (1983) cassette
The Fishermans Path (1982) cassette
Skeletons (1978) cassette

Daniel Crommie is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (mandolins, buche, balalaika, recorders, flutes, synthesizers, etc.) and producer (Janie Mitchell, Kaitlyn ni Donovan, Lew Jones, Karen Searcy, Jon Davis Miller) who has released well over two dozen solo albums, numerous albums with Group Du Jour, four with Echo System and five with Saturnalia Trio over the last 30 years on the New Weave label. Not content to adhere to any singular flavor or color, Daniel Crommie's musical palette includes forays into medieval, techno-pop, folk, electronic and experimental genres using a wide variety of acoustic and electronic instruments. A founding member of Group Du Jour, Echo System, Continuum and most recently Saturnalia Trio, Daniel's music has been critically hailed as far afield as Yugoslavia, England, Russia and Japan, and has been featured in several French & American television documentaries. In 2009 Daniel Crommie began collaborating with Glyn Havard of the English band Jade Warrior, producing “Between the Darkness and the Dawn” in 2010 and with three other Jade Warrior members (David Duhig, Colin Henson and Allan Price, plus Eldon Hardenbrook, Bruce Hazen and others) produced “Aquarius In Retrograde” in 2012,"Rotation" in 2013 and "A Memory of Errors" (volumes 1&2) in 2015.

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